When is the Best Time for a Driveway Repair

When is the Best Time for a Driveway Repair

Signs that your asphalt needs to be repaired

You may be considering whether to have your driveway fixed or replaced if you have seen that it is becoming more and more worn over the years. It might be difficult to determine if the wear and tear you observe on your driveway is typical or causes for concern. Repairing and replacing driveways is our area of expertise at Elizabeth Paving. We would be pleased to assist you if you would want one of our paving specialists to assess your driveway and advise you on the best course of action. Four indicators that your driveway might need to be fixed or replaced are listed below for your reference.


When the water in the ground beneath the asphalt freezes and melts, it leaves holes in driveways and other surfaces. The ground expands when the water freezes and contracts when the water melts. Since the temperature frequently goes above and below freezing, the repeated expansion and contracting of the ground can cause potholes and degrade the asphalt. Your vehicle’s suspension may experience issues as a result of potholes. Potholes can be filled in, but this won’t address the underlying issue; you might need to replace your driveway.

Massive cracks

Cracks on a driveway can be more than simply an eyesore. In portions of your driveway that are cracked, oil, gas, and salt can seep in. The fissures may grow and enlarge as a result of this. If you see a few small cracks in your driveway, it’s definitely time to schedule driveway repair so that the cracks may be sealed. This will stop the existing cracks from getting worse and from spreading.

Difficulties with drainage

Another indication that it could be time for driveway repair or replacement is water that is gathering and not draining correctly on your driveway. Your driveway’s asphalt may become weaker if water collects in one spot or stagnates there. This may cause cracks and potholes to appear.

Changing color and fading

The sun will fade and darken your driveway over time. The sun’s powerful rays can harm the surface of your driveway in addition to fading it. You might be able to stop further damage by sealing your driveway, depending on its age and how weak it is. However, it is definitely a better option to replace the driveway if it has grown too weak.

You may require expert driveway repair or replacement for a variety of reasons. For more than ten years, Elizabeth Paving has been in operation. We have a top-notch crew of technicians who are skilled in driveway repair and replacement as well as knowledgeable about the subject. To help you decide the best course of action to guarantee you have a reliable and secure driveway, one of our professionals would be pleased to give you a consultation. To begin, ask for a free estimate right now.

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