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Do you need a new driveway? or perhaps want to improve your company’s parking lot? Our company focuses on paving services for any job size, no matter how small or big, within Elizabeth New Jersey and its surrounding areas. We are professionals when it comes to residential and commercial paving – be it in repairs, seal coating, asphalt paving and more. We are all about quality paving from the materials we use to our workmanship. Our crew consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who has years of experience in every phases of job in this particular field. We make it a point to provide excellent service to achieve complete customer satisfaction this is why we’re one of the MOST RELIABLE New Jersey Paving Companies!

We have been serving the community of Elizabeth New Jersey for years, with our quality full-service asphalt and concrete maintenance and construction service. And, yes, at affordable rates! 

If you want an exceptional paving service, look no further than Elizabeth Paving. When you choose us, expect our team to provide you an on-time, quality, and friendly service. The owners are always on-site and oversees the job to ensure a job well done. We gladly provide FREE estimates on any kind of job you want. Just give us a call and we will get to you promptly.




focuses on quality

We cannot stress enough how much we focus on each job we do. The owners always oversees and makes sure the job is done right, the materials used are considered to ensure the stable and smooth result, and we have trained professionals to work at a very knowledgeable level and in a friendly manner.

Widely Experienced Professionals

Experience is what will tell you a team is knowledgeable. Elizabeth Paving Professionals have been exposed to every phase of every paving job. Because of the wide experience, our team can work with speed, care, and accuracy.

Affordable Prices

Besides our exceptional service, you can rely on us with honesty. We offer reasonable prices together with educating our clients with the kind of job and materials to be used. Before starting with our job, we will inform the clients of the costs and payment terms.

always on time

We are aware of how valuable time is for everyone - this is why we do our job within the agreed period and we make sure to finish on time. Elizabeth Paving is an expert when it comes to paving services, this is why we already know the ins and outs of any paving job, which saves time and allows our team to work immediately.


Whether it is a residential job for your home’s driveway, or a commercial job for your company’s parking lot – Elizabeth Paving will do great in handling the job. We always finish with quality results that will leave smiles on your faces!

Paving Services in Elizabeth, NJ

asphalt paving in elizabeth new jersey

Asphalt Paving

Want to increase your property's value? or make your surface both strong and flexible? Asphalt paving is the answer! As experts in this field, you can trust us to do a great job.

hot crack repairs in elizabeth new jersey

Hot Crack Repair

With our years of experience, we've mastered the proper process of how to seal cracks on any kind of pavement. We are also fully and properly equipped to do the job.

seal coating in elizabeth new jersey

Seal Coating

We only use top quality materials that are built for tough climates. Our sealcoating service will help you prolong the life of your surface, slow oxidation, and improve the apperance of your property.

residential paving and repairs in elizabeth new jersey

Residential Paving and Repairs

As homeowners, we would always want to improve our home's appearance and accessibility. One thing to do this is to improve on your surfaces. Want a better driveway? Elizabeth Paving consists of friendly staff who will answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable with us doing the paving job in your beloved home.

commercial paving and repairs in elizabeth new jersey

Commercial Paving And Repairs

We will help keep your pavement surface in excellent condition - the size of the job doesn't matter as we take both small or big sized job. We have a knowledgeable and well-experienced professional crew equipped with the proper equipment. Aside from that, our company only uses trusted and high-quality materials.

Benefits from Choosing Elizabeth Paving

Saves You Money

It is one of our goal to never do a repeat job. We ensure you a first one time job done correctly and perfectly. You wont feel frustrated in needing to contact another paving company to fix our job, because in the first place, we ensure we finish with your expected result and no less.

100% Quality Job

As stated, our main goal is to leave our clients with the highest quality job possible. The owners check the site to ensure the job is properly done. We've also invested in a number of equipment to add value to the result of our work and to ensure a more stable surface.

Loyal Paving Service

We value the relationship we have with each one of our clients. We will check up on you just to ensure that the job we did is still continuously satisfying you. We will be consistent in doing great job for you! And, if you got a new project, we are always here to help you promptly!

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