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Essential Insights: Commercial Asphalt Trends Every Contractor Must Stay Informed About

Even though the Covid-19 epidemic has had a worldwide effect, the asphalt paving and maintenance industry is still increasing. Elevate your property’s curb appeal with Elizabeth Paving Service. From driveways to pathways, we pave the way to excellence, one stone at a time

This company nevertheless needs to address several problems. Both new and old trends will continue in the following years. Because there will always be a need for commercial asphalt, certain industry developments are foreseen.

This post will discuss crucial commercial asphalt trends that every company contractor should know. Continue reading to learn more.

The Labor Shortage Will Persist

A labor shortage is one of the most serious issues confronting the commercial asphalt industry today. Many businesses are having difficulty hiring employees, which will likely persist for some time. You can do a few things as a contractor to assist in keeping up with commercial asphalt demand.

You may be short on people; therefore, making the most of your equipment may assist in compensating. Ensure all your gear is in good working order to get the most out of anything you use. Utilizing technology and automation might be advantageous. This helps simplify various procedures, lessening the pressure on your present employees. Supply chain concerns and inflation are generating disruptions in the commercial asphalt market.

In recent years, several businesses have experienced supply chain challenges. While the commercial asphalt business was not the first to suffer, it is now in trouble. For example, crack filler and line-marking paint have both been in limited supply.

Furthermore, commercial asphalt costs are growing because of inflation, a problem for businesses and consumers. This, along with labor shortages and supply chain challenges, is making it more difficult for companies to offer the services that their customers need.

Gig Workers Will Be Employed Increasingly

It can be challenging to find intelligent people. Given this, there are alternatives to regular work.

In certain circumstances, hiring temporary staff could be the best option. Hiring more permanent employees is not a smart option if you require more assistance with one project. On the other hand, hiring temporary labor could enable you to complete a project on time and return to working with your regular staff.

These employees are often found via staffing companies or on internet labor marketplaces. They will typically have a different education and experience than the other members of your team. Nevertheless, they might assist with many jobs that will expedite the work your crew completes.

Increased Need for Pavement Upkeep

Even if the need for pavement maintenance had not changed, the supply chain problems would still exist today. But the chances have become worse for contractors as demand has grown.

HOAs attempt to get cracks fixed and roadways sealed in numerous US locations, but the necessary materials are not readily accessible. The nation’s need for these services has increased dramatically due to the growth in commercial building activity.

If more effective supply chains can make resources more readily accessible, you should be able to assist others in your community who need them.

Commercial Asphalt and Paving Maintenance Technological Advancement

Several companies have been working on new technological innovations that may help address commercial asphalt market challenges. There is currently space for creativity and innovation. Pavement technical developments should aid the industry’s growth.

3D Paving Control Systems

Smoothness and levelness are two essential characteristics of a well-paved surface. This is becoming much more practical thanks to 3D paving control technologies. Using this method, you don’t have to bother building an initial leveling course. You’ll get a smoother, better-looking surface while wasting less material.


Nanotechnology is beginning to benefit several uses in the paving sector. For example, PMTP (paver-mounted thermal profiling) aids in quality control. Temperature monitoring and microfracture healing aid in this endeavor.

Autonomous Motor

Self-driving vehicles are gaining popularity. At the same time, most people are interested in them for personal reasons.

Regardless, they may be utilized for several commercial objectives. Contractors are beginning to see the potential for self-driving vehicles in maintenance and paving. They will become considerably more common in the coming years.

Automated Asphalt Maintenance and Paving Site Measurements

Manually measuring construction sites takes time, but it is essential for accurate estimates. Automating this procedure may save a lot of time and deliver quotations to consumers quicker. This process may help sweep, car park seal coating, crack sealing, and other jobs.

Regulations’ Effects on Commercial Asphalt

Regulation changes will have an impact on all contractors. This might happen in the pavement repair business during the next several years.

One example is that insurers no longer consider gender when deciding rates. Higher expenses are likely in a business where most workers are men in their 20s and 30s. Furthermore, there is more pressure than ever to avoid purchasing environmentally harmful items. This might result in limits on things like refined coal tar sealants. Contractors must remain current on rules to guarantee their business is constantly compliant.

The Future of the Commercial Asphalt Industry

While the following commercial asphalt trends are current, they are subject to change. It is vital to be updated on trends and changes for your business to run smoothly. Working with property managers helps you stay organized.

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