Crack Sealing My Parking Lot Before Winter

Crack Sealing My Parking Lot Before Winter

Why Do I Have Cracks In My Parking Lot?

One of the most economical ways to increase the lifespan of your pavement surface is parking lot crack repair. Annual hot-rubberized crack sealing before winter is a crucial component of a successful pavement management strategy.

Your pavement expands and contracts during the cold winters when the temperature falls below freezing. Pavement damage may result from this expansion and contraction. Potholes, fissures, and eventually complete asphalt and concrete failure are brought on by the deterioration. Inadequate crack sealing with the right materials results in more cracking and will necessitate costly asphalt replacement.

When cracks first appear, it’s crucial to start a crack-sealing regimen. Pavement can always be sealed with hot-rubberized sealants. Before beginning any asphalt paving or seal coating project, competent paving professionals can fix hot-rubberized cracks.

Your asphalt parking lot can last longer if you fill in paving cracks using a hot-rubberized crack filler. When employed as a yearly preventive maintenance program, crack sealing will increase the value of your parking lot and ultimately save property owners money.

In New Jersey, who uses hot rubberized crack sealing?

Any owners or managers of asphalt parking lots, including: 

* Property & Facility Managers 

* Homeowner (HOA) Communities

* Shopping Centers 

* Apartments & Condominiums 

* Office Complexes 

* Industrial Parks

Top 5 Motivators for Parking Lot Filling Before Winter

1) Water resistance The Cracks: Sealing the cracks helps stop water from seeping down to the sub-base.

2) Prevent Potholes: Asphalt potholes are more probable in parking lots with cracks because they eventually degrade the pavement. This is due to asphalt’s ability to expand and compress with changing temperatures.

3. Safety: You will be held legally liable if a customer’s car is damaged or they sustain personal injuries as a result of serious cracks and potholes in your parking lot.

4) Delay The Overlay: Repaving your parking lot will cost more money than making minor repairs to it.

5) Increases The Life Of Your Asphalt Pavement: Research has shown that crack sealing, when done as part of a comprehensive preventative maintenance strategy, will increase the life of your parking lot by 10-15 years.

Cost of Crack Sealing an Asphalt Parking Lot in New Jersey:

Crack sealing an asphalt parking lot typically costs between $0.60 and $1.10 per linear foot. The price is determined by the total square footage, prep work, crack breadth and depth, and material specifications.

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