Asphalt Repairs in Elizabeth, NJ

Asphalt Repairs in Elizabeth, NJ

In Elizabeth, NJ, Your Parking Lot May Need Asphalt Repairs This Spring

It’s vital to remember that spring is just around the horizon as the winter months in New Jersey continue. Early-spring parking lot upkeep might help your parking lot last longer.

Although it hasn’t been the coldest winter on record, we have had more than enough sleet, snow, and ice to develop cracks and potholes as a result of the freeze-thaw cycle.

It would be crucial for you to conduct an asphalt pavement check as soon as the weather clears. Your concrete catch basins or asphalt parking lot maintenance can be prioritized with the aid of this inspection.


A pothole is a structural flaw in a road’s surface brought on by water in the soil beneath. When this is added to heavy traffic from vehicles, potholes form. All year long, pothole repairs can be made. FIX A POTHOLE IN YOUR PARKING LOT IMMEDIATELY! It costs more money to fill a pothole the longer you wait to do it.


Your parking lot’s asphalt pavement oxidizes and deteriorates, leading to the development of asphalt cracks. If asphalt pavement fractures are not repaired, more than half of them turn into potholes within three years.

Specialized equipment is used to apply the materials used in the crack sealing/filling operation. Over 375 degrees are used to apply the substance to the cracks, allowing it to adhere to the crack walls. Water and other debris cannot enter the fissure because the rubberized material can move with the pavement’s expansion and contraction.


Fatigue cracking, often known as alligator cracking, is one of the most typical forms of asphalt pavement deterioration. The resulting breaking patterns are very unusual and resemble an alligator’s skin. Alligator cracking is seen as a highly serious parking lot issue, particularly if it is not promptly fixed.

Even though it is one of the most expensive issues to fix, it is typically preventable. If the paving of your parking lot was done properly, small fractures in the pavement surface were ignored, which is why you have alligator cracking.


One of the first things a potential customer or client notices when they arrive at your business is the line striping in the parking lot. Your curb appeal is enhanced by neat, straight-line striping. Your lines may occasionally fade in the winter due to ice-removal chemicals and snow plow damage. A line-striping job can revitalize an excellently maintained parking lot.


There are several reasons why a catch basin or storm drain may start to deteriorate. When the asphalt parking lot is first constructed, it may occasionally be laid wrongly. Water and freeze-thaw are typically to blame.

Catch basins serve as your parking lot’s drainage system. To reroute stormwater, they are incorporated into parking lots made of concrete or asphalt.

Every catch basin will eventually sink or degrade. The joints between the frame and the grate casting, blocks, or mortar joints become weak as water enters the basin. The mortar will eventually fall apart due to the water. It is extremely easy.

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