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Advice on Asphalt Maintenance for the Springtime

Advice on Asphalt Maintenance for the Springtime


As soon as the severe weather that winter brings to an end, be sure to give your paved surfaces the attention they deserve by doing a comprehensive visual inspection of them. Pay extra close attention to any signs of damage and make a note of them; remember that even the tiniest of cracks can grow into something much more catastrophic. Because water can leak into these fractures, freeze overnight, and expand the following day, your pavement will deteriorate even further if these damages are not repaired as quickly as possible. In addition, water can seep down under the asphalt and undermine the sub-structure, which can eventually lead to sinking, potholes, and even collapse.

These potholes are not only an eyesore for any property, including commercial and residential ones, but they are also hazardous. This means that you could be putting yourself in danger if they are a factor in a fall, accident, or injury that occurs on your property. It will cost you a lot more money to fix a few potholes than it will to pay for someone’s injuries or to fix their vehicle if they were in an accident. It is imperative that any and all potholes be patched up immediately to avoid the possibility of being sued.

Sealcoating, which is often referred to as pavement sealing, is very important. Sealcoating is one of the greatest ways to help prevent damage to your asphalt paving and keeps it looking its best. It is also one of the best ways to preserve your asphalt paving in its best condition. Sealcoating is always at the top of the list when it comes to any plan for the management of pavement. Sealcoating is done by applying a mixture of coal tar pitch or asphalt cement that has been blended with inert fillers, water emulsifying agents, and/or additives. This mixture is then sprayed over the surface to be sealed. Off-highway pavement surfaces can be protected from oil, gasoline, salt, water, and UV rays by applying this combination in thin coatings and letting it dry in between coats. At least once every two years, you ought to have seal coating completed on the asphalt on your property. If you haven’t already, now is the time to arrange an appointment while the weather is dry.


If the lines on the parking lot of your place of business are starting to fade, now is the ideal time to re-stripe your lot. Your consumers will have an easier time understanding that you care about their health, safety, and well-being if you paint your parking lot and give it a new coat of paint. This will make the parking lot look much more inviting. The appearance of a recently cleaned parking lot is critical to the security and effectiveness of parking outside of companies. In order to improve overall safety for pedestrians, drivers, and visitors, the ADA mandates that businesses provide handicap parking stalls in addition to general parking that meets certain criteria and standards for parking lots. This also improves the overall appearance of the business, which contributes to increased sales and revenue flow.

Be sure that all of the following places have recently received new lining and painting so that your consumers can immediately recognize them:

  • Places for parking
  • Fire lanes Accessible terrains
  • No parking zones
  • Hilly terrain Loading zones Speed bumps

Elizabeth Paving provides a comprehensive range of services for the maintenance and repair of asphalt parking lots and roadways. Our team of trained professionals is able to provide solutions for any problem you may be experiencing, from line striping to patch repair.


In many cases, grass and weeds are able to penetrate the surface of asphalt and cause harm to the material from below. This causes it to get weakened over time, making it more prone to fractures and breaks as a result. You can assist avoid this from happening by ensuring that the edges of your asphalt are kept free of any vegetation and weeds at all times. You should also take into consideration installing curbs around the margins of your asphalt. This will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot, but it will also assist reduce the amount of care that is required to be performed in relation to the growth of weeds and grass.

One of these materials that can be utilized to offer a fantastic edging along the perimeter of your driveway and/or asphalt sections is the Belgian block. You can use this material in a variety of ways. If you are thinking about utilizing pavers for the edge of your driveway and you want to install the material that will last the longest, your best option is to use Belgian block, which is also referred to as cobblestone pavers.


The process of cleaning asphalt is seen by many as an endlessly pointless waste of time because, after all, it will only end up dirty once more, right? What if I told you that doing so can significantly increase the length of time your blacktop will last? Every day, parking lots of all sizes suffer from damage that is easily avoidable and should have been avoided. It is necessary to clean your asphalt on a regular basis if you want to keep it in top condition. Make it a habit to regularly remove any rocks, leaves, or debris that may have accumulated on your pavement in order to keep it clean and safe for your guests. This will not only give it a more appealing appearance, but it will also make it a great deal more secure. Also, make sure that any dirt and debris that may have accumulated in your drains are removed. This will not only benefit your pavement but will also help the drains last longer. Make sure that any drains that you use are checked on a regular basis and that you empty them so that there is no accumulation of water.

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