5 Tips to Prevent Weeds from Growing Between Pavers in Your Patio or Driveway

They’re not just confined to your lawn; they invade your flower beds, pop up in your vegetable garden, and even sneak into your carefully arranged planters. No space is sacred to these tenacious invaders.

You might think you’ve outsmarted these leafy nuisances with your new paver project. After all,  how could weeds possibly grow in the tightly laid, hard concrete pavers? Indeed, you’ve finally found a way to keep them at bay, right?

But to your dismay, you soon find that even the smallest cracks and crevices between the pavers can become prime real estate for these determined plants. They exploit any weakness in your defenses, sprouting up where you least expect them and turning your pristine project into another battleground in the endless war against weeds.

Sorry to disappoint. If you think pavers can stop weeds, you underestimate their persistence.

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How can you prevent weeds in pavers?

Here are some tips:

1. Ensure Weed-Free Pavers with a Robust, High-Quality Base

Creating a sturdy foundation is paramount when installing pavers. It’s crucial to avoid skimping on the base layer. A solid six-inch base is optimal for driveways, while patios and walkways can do well with a three- to four-inch base. Due to its coarse texture, the crushed concrete base is pivotal in preventing weed growth, facilitating adequate drainage, and securing the pavers firmly. This comprehensive approach deters weeds and enhances the longevity and stability of your paved surfaces.

2. Maximize Paver Longevity with Regular Sealing and Maintenance

Sealing your pavers is crucial for preventing weed growth and maintaining their pristine appearance. Applying sealer every 2-5 years creates a protective barrier that prevents weed seeds from settling in the joints, where dirt often accumulates, and provides an ideal environment for weeds to sprout.

Moreover, sealing isn’t just a one-time fix. When our Elizabeth Paving Services crews apply new sealer, they refresh the sand between the pavers, further inhibiting weed growth and ensuring a stable, uniform surface.

The frequency of sealing depends on several factors, including whether the area is exposed or covered, whether it receives UV protection, and its environmental conditions (e.g., proximity to trees or humidity levels).

Beyond weed prevention, sealer offers additional benefits for your paver patio:  

  • Preserve Color: It shields pavers from the sun’s UV rays, preventing fading and preserving their original color.
  • Weather Protection: Sealer defends against weathering caused by rain and other environmental factors, maintaining the integrity of your pavers.
  • Sand Security: By securing the sand between pavers, the sealer ensures a tight fit, enhancing stability and preventing shifting.
  • Ant Prevention: It helps deter ants from nesting between pavers, reducing maintenance headaches.
  • Stain Resistance: The sealer repels oil, grime, and other stains, making cleaning easier and prolonging the pavers’ pristine appearance.

By incorporating regular sealing into your paver maintenance routine, you not only prevent weeds but also increase the attractiveness and longevity of your outdoor areas.

3. Enhance Weed Resistance with Polymeric Sand for Pavers

Polymeric sand offers a premium solution for preventing weeds between pavers, albeit at a higher cost than regular sand. This advanced option is engineered with polymers that activate and harden when hydrated, creating a solid, weed-resistant barrier within the joints.

While it may sound technical, the process is straightforward. After sweeping polymeric sand into the joints and lightly spraying it with water, the polymers bond and solidify, forming a durable surface that inhibits weed growth and makes it challenging for roots to take hold.

Choosing polymeric sand ensures long-term weed control and contributes to the stability and longevity of your paved surfaces, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing overall aesthetic appeal.

Effective Weed Management: Maintain Your Landscape Proactively

To effectively combat weeds in your pavers, it’s essential to target resilient seeds and maintain cleanliness throughout your landscaping. Weed seeds are ubiquitous—they cling to shoes, hide in pet fur, and even arrive via bird droppings. Therefore, regular upkeep is vital to prevent weeds from taking root among your pavers.

Here’s how you can stay proactive:

  • Cleanliness: Regularly clean your outdoor areas and pathways to remove debris and potential weed seeds. When mowing your lawn, avoid allowing grass clippings to accumulate on your patio or walkways.
  • Weed Control: Stay vigilant in planting beds and landscaping areas. Use appropriate herbicides sparingly to eradicate existing weeds and prevent new ones from establishing themselves in your pavers.

When managing weeds in a proactive manner, You can maintain your outdoor space’s visual appeal. spaces and minimize the effort required to keep your pavers free from unwanted growth.

4. Maintain Your Landscape Regularly

Effectively eliminating weeds from pavers requires targeted strategies against resilient seeds. Weed seeds are widespread—they adhere to footwear, cling to pet fur, and can even be deposited through bird droppings.

Given their prevalence in landscaping, cleanliness is pivotal in preventing weeds from infiltrating your pavers. Regularly sweep and clean your paved areas to remove debris where weeds can take root.

Stay proactive in managing weeds by regularly inspecting and treating your planting beds. Avoid blowing grass clippings onto your patio during mowing, as they can introduce new weed seeds. Consider using herbicides judiciously to spot-treat weeds in pavers, ensuring they remain free of unwanted growth and maintaining a tidy and weed-free landscape.

5. Planning a DIY Paver Project? Prevent Weeds Every Step of the Way

Embarking on a paver project yourself? Follow these essential tips to keep weeds at bay:

Ensure a solid base: Properly prepare the foundation with adequate base materials like gravel and sand to discourage weed growth from underneath.

Use polymeric sand: Fill the joints between pavers with polymeric sand, which hardens when dampened to form a solid barrier against weeds and helps stabilize the pavers.

Apply sealer: Once your project is complete, apply a quality sealer over the pavers. This protective layer enhances the appearance and seals the joints, preventing weeds from taking root and making maintenance easier.

These steps can prevent weeds from spoiling your DIY paver project, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

Let the Pros Handle Your Paver Project

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